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Unity Game Engine 2020

Unity is a game engine used by most indie developers and some bigger companies. Some really great awesome looking games are made with it (and some really bad ones), and it’s by far the most popular one at this moment.

I will give you some information about the why I think its good and why I think some things are bad.

The pros: The game engine is fearly easy to use and has an big community that always wants to help you. They also use the “easy” to learn language C# for their scripting. I was able to learn the basics in a couple of weeks and they have great documentation on their website.

They have an builtin market place in the engine, where other developers can upload their tools, scripts or art. Because the community is that big there’s a lot of free stuff in the marketplace that anyone can use.

One of the most important things, it will cost you nothing to try it out. It’s totally free till you make more money than 100k a year. Because you’re a starter this obviously won’t happen right away 😊

The cons: Unity is pretty heavy, unlike Game Maker Studio, Godot or something in that trend. Ofcourse you also get a lot of tools and a 3D engine with all the physics builtin.

I would courage you to try it out someday, because its free and you can make some awesome stuff to show to you’re friends. Just download it from: www.unity.com, and search on the internet for some tutorials, there are plenty.